Closed Loop Chilled Water System for an Enerpac Pump

Closed Loop Chilled Water System

We needed to cool a hydraulic pump because we were going to run it longer than specs would allow. I made brackets to mount a tank to a stand. Then I used hose fittings to hook up the tank to a water chiller with a pump inside.

Water Pump and Water Chiller

The chiller and pump are self contained so all you have to do is hook up a pressure and a return hoses, turn it on, and you have a tank of chilled water.

Hydraulic Pump

The return on the hydraulics are then ran through coils in the chiller water tank. This cools down the entire system letting you run the system longer.

This was used in the research project:
Mid-America Transportation Center
Report # MATC-KU: 36
Performance of Geogrid Reinforced Ballast under Dynamic Loading

Click to access Parsons_363_FINAL_COMBINED.pdf

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