Hanging a 55 Kip (55,000lb) Hydraulic Actuator

55 MTS kip actuator


This is a test setup that we helped put together in the new MMSEC building at KU. It will fatigue the test specimen when loaded. We hung the cylinder and I section with chain hoists with straps going across the I. This was wayyy too much work. If we have to take it down I will recommend renting an electric forklift as it will make everything go much easier. The overall weight of the I and actuator are roughly 2000 lbs. After it was put in place we used Super Bolts to post tension the rods to the ceiling.

Test Specimen Attached to Floor


The Rods were post tensioned to the floor using a chair and a super bolt. Super bolts are basically a nut with a bunch of small bolts around the circumference that push the bolt against a hardened washer to generate force. It is easy to calculate the force output using a torque wrench to get the tension you want using a chart.



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