Nerf Maverick Rev-6 Mods

Nerf Maverick V6

There are plenty of instructables out there for doing these mods. I did this a while back with a dremel tool and a drill and drill bits a while back. I didn’t feel too worried about modifying one as it is solidly designed and only $10 with a few extra dollars in parts, such as springs, pipe tape, brass tubing, etc.

Brass Inserts Into Barrels

I removed all the air restrictors and then drilled all of them out to the outside diameter of the brass tubing. I sized the tubing to tightly fit on the darts. Then pressed them all in. It was an interference fit so it took a bit of work to get them in.

Pipe Tape for Tighter Seal

After the nerf gun was disassembled I put a wrap of pipe tape around the plunger and put the o-ring back on. Hopefully this should give a better seal.

Stiffer Spring and Washers

I went to Ace Hardware and sized a larger spring. I also stretched it out a bit and added a couple of washers.

Trimmed Plastic

There was another mod to clip some tabs to be able to extend the barrel all the way out rather than just being able to put 1 dart in at a time.

All of these mods allowed it to outperform a stock Nerf Maverick Rev-6.

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