Pneumatic Cyclic Loading Upgrade for Test Frame

Loading System for Dynamic Loading

We needed to run cyclic loading for a project. It uses an electo-pneumatic transducer with an input of 0-10 volts with a pnuematic cylinder with a spring return, along with a wave form generator to make it cycle. We did a retrofit to install a pneumatic cyclic loading cylinder on the test press. The cylinder however had its port on the very top. So I had to make a custom bracket to install everything.

Adapter for Attaching Cyclic Loading Cylinder

I notched the spindle to have access to the top of the pneumatic cylinder and then mounted the electro-pneumatic transducer right too it. Then bolted everything together. Now you can set a peak pressure and then varying the voltage 0-10 volts will load it accordingly.

This was used in K-TRAN: KU-08-3 ▪ FINAL REPORT ▪ January 2013: Tolerable Strains for Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays over Concrete Pavements

Click to access KU-08-3_Final.pdf

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