Specimen Stand

Specimen Stand


First I cut all the rebar to size, I pretty much freestyled most of the dimensions. Such as I think the A arms are 4 feet long and the gaps were all just a randomly picked number. The bottom was just matched with a pallet.

Here is a specimen stand that I welded. It was one of my earlier welding projects and I used 6011 rods with an Arc Welder at about 125 amps. I made all of the arms on the rack with a jig made out of plywood. This kept all of the angles at 45 degrees. After I made all of the arms I made a base that would fit on a pallet. Then I welded them all into triangle shapes and added cross braces. It turned out pretty well. Then I rattle canned the project to keep it from rusting. I constructed 2 of these stands.


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