Vibco Plate Compactor Repair

Plate Compactor

We have an Electric Vibco Plate Compactor in the labs. We have the electric model because it is used indoors for research. The main problem with them is that when they are used a lot, things start to vibrate apart or break. So far, I have either rebuilt, replaced, or welded everything on one except the compactor mechanism. I have replaced the motor, centrifugal clutch, switch, water proof switch box, added rubber mounts to the switch to try to prevent the melted switches, replaces the rubber mounts on the frame, re-welded the handles several times, welded the gaurd back together, welded several large cracks in the frame. Basically, its almost a brand new machine in parts. We are ordering another one so when this one is down they have a back up when I am repairing it.

Motor Repair

Here is the latest repair that was carried out on it. The motor tore itself from the mounts. I ground down all of the welds and then aligned it with the old ones. I then drilled out all the holes to make new welds. Most of the previous repair was done with 7018 welding rod. The welds did not fail but it tore the parent material off motor case.

Plug Welding

I filled in all of the old spot welds, again with 7018. I used a mig welder initially to fill the holes in the case to try and not put much heat into it and damage the motor.

Welding Guard Repair

Here is part of the sheet metal repairs that I have carried out on the guard. Most of the edges have torn out and re-welded. Also where it connects have also torn loose. These were rewelded and ground flat. Then fender washers were used to spread the load to prevent it from tearing out again.


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