Honda C70 Passport

The Honda Cub is the number 1 motorcycle in the world!


This was my 1981 Honda C70 Passport. It was my first bike. I ended up getting it because the local motorcycle store misquoted a price and I ended up getting it for $650. I passed my motorcycle test and got my Class M on it. I ended up beginning to learn about bikes and maintenance from all this. I put around 4000 miles on it in year or two. It was really good at getting around town and work. It was a really bullet proof bike and ran even in cold temperatures.

I did a little bit of work to it:
Replaced all of the fuel lines.
Changed the headlight to replaceable bulbs.
Cleaned out the carburetor
Upjetted carburetor
Rewelded exhaust
K&N air filter
New battery
Modern turn signal relay
New tail light lens
New leg shields
New mirrors
New seat cover
Adjusted points and are good sources for parts.


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