Dishwasher Installation

Dishwasher Installation

I installed a dishwasher last night. It took me WAY too many trips to Ace Hardware to complete this. Mostly because I would run up short on something or encounter something I didn’t plan for. Home Depot had a President’s Day Sale on appliances so I decided to pick this one up. I ended up waiting until the morning of to take the old one out. So I got up really early before work to start the project. I turned the breaker off the the dishwasher and garbage disposal which was clearly labeled. I then verified that the power was off. Then I shut the water off to the dishwasher. Then I took the 2 screws holding the dishwasher loose and took the lower front cover plate off and disconnected the water lines and unhooked the power. The drain was disconnect at the air breaker. Then the old dishwasher just slide out and was placed outside. Then the new one was delivered later in the day and the old one was picked up without a hitch, well except for all the gunk that you have to deal with that built up under the old one after so many years of sitting there.

Installing it was mildy troublesome. I had to make a few adjustments along the way to get everything to fit right. I decided to go with braided steel lines instead of the old soft copper ones. This made it easier to move the dishwasher in and out and Ace Hardware did not have the 3/8 inch compression fittings to 3/4 inch adapter available separately. So I hooked the water lines up. Compression fittings like this do not need any pipe dope or tape so you just tighten them down. Then I installed the new drain line with the clamp it came with one one end. The side by the air breaker was the smaller fitting so I just trimmed the rubber fitting with a box knife and used a pipe clamp to attach it. I was getting ready to finish the install when I noticed that the romex was not going to be able to reach the spot where i needed to tie it into the new dishwasher. I trimmed down the romex and screwed in a junction box to the wall with strain reliefs. I then came off the junction box with wire to the dishwasher. It comes without strain reliefs at the dishwasher too so you will need to pick that up. I then matched all the  hot and commons up and put wire nuts on them, then wrapped the wires and wire nuts in electrical tape so that nothing would come loose. Then you just push the dishwasher back into its home, taking care not to damage the insulation around the dishwasher. I leveled the feet and verified with a magnetic level. then I put the 2 to attach it to the cabinet. I then flipped the breaker on and check the dishwasher to make sure it was working. Success!!

I ran it through a whole cycle without the lower front cover on to check for leaks several times. I also checked any new connections that were made, such as the drain lines, and water lines. After I was confident it wasn’t leaking any water I put everything back together and cleaned up everything.

It’s pretty good to have a dish washer instead of the old dish dirtier.

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