Honda Trail CT90

Honda CT90

This is my friend Alex’s Honda CT90. I helped him pick it up in my truck and have helped him out with some of the work along the way.

The tank was pretty rusty when he purchased it. He ended up getting it coated at a radiator shop. Then we replaced all of the fuel lines. We took apart the throttle controls because they were sticky, cleaned them up and put white lithium grease on them. After this we had to clean out the carbs because some of the rust and grime made there way to them. Using a piece of steel wire I cleared out the needles and put everything back together. Greased the bearings. That airbox is kind of a hassle to get everything off and back on again. A new throttle cable was also installed because the old one was pretty crusty. Then we adjusted the brakes and changed the oil. We also installed a new voltage regulator after the old one fell apart. The oil was changed.
Alex installed a new chain after the old one broke and had a new 3 inch wheel put on after the old one got a flat. The  tire is actually really big in the frame. We ended up adding a link because it was rubbing the frame, and if you moved it too far the other way it would rub on some bolts on the inside of the fenderwell.

We rode out to Lonestar Lake with them before the weather got really cold and did a couple casts fishing.

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