Keezer Project

Keezer with Taps
I am making pretty good progress on the Kegerator. I made a collar for a chest freezer to mount the beer taps. I have 2 5 gallon cornelius ball kegs inside the freezer with all the ball locks and CO2 lines and beer lines ready to go. I am waiting for a 4 way CO2 manifold in the mail because they were backordered 1-2 weeks. I plan on putting a 5lb CO2 bottle in there with the regulator. I also have the standard sankey keg coupler to fit regular commercial kegs, so I plan on putting in a pony keg of maybe PBR. I also have a drip tray I plan on putting magnets on the back to attach it to the freezer. I still need to insulate the collar. I have a temperature controller that you drill a hole in the collar and can drop the temperature sensor in. It plugs inline with the freezer and maintains the temperature digitally.

Here shortly I can go from brew a batch to drinking it in about 2 weeks.

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