Starting Beer Brewing


I just started beer brewing. I have helped other people several times over the years with their batchs. I ended up obtaining a beginning homebrewing kit recently. It also came with a glass carboy. I purchased a cleaning kit and American Wheat Beer, Dry Irish Stout, and Nut Brown Ale, from Northern Brewer. I got a free 5 gallon kettle from them because my order was over $100.

I decided to go all in with a keezer. Capping all of those beers and cleaning bottles sounds like the least fun part of brewing to me. I ordered a temperature sensor that hooks up in line with the freezer to control and monitor the temperature. I also ordered a CO2 regulator, a 4 way splitter, 2 five gallon cornelius ball lock kegs,  CO2 and beer adapters, 3 beer taps, 1 sankey keg lock for standard commercial kegs, and enough CO2 lines, Beer lines, and clamps to put it all together, and a 7 cubic feet chest freezer that was on sale for President’s Day for $225. I plan on putting a white epoxy painted wooden collar in between the lid and the freezer to mount the taps, temp sensor, and mount the CO2 splitter.

Right now I am holding off brewing until I finish the Keezer, the snow is holding up my orders.

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