3D Printed Rocket and Test Flight


I decided to print this Modular Rocket by Landru from thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8754

It uses ‘D’ Estes motors. The fit on them was pretty tight printed. I could have sanded it out a bit to work better.

I printed out a base, 2 bodies, a nosecone, and a nose cone coupler with 1.75mm black ABS. The rocket was assembled with acetone based adhesive, to sort of melt the plastic to bond. A estes parachute was also purchased along with motors and wadding to prevent burning up the parachute. We stopped by the hardware and picked up alligator clips, enough wire to keep safetly away, a 9 volt battery, and 1/8 inch metal rod to use as a launcher.

Alexander Hahl filmed and edited this video.

The rocket is pretty sturdy. It survived falling after a parachute failure. It made it through 3 launches.

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